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Sold Out

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but we’ve allocated all our tickets.

There may be a few returns so please do let Paul know if you’d like to be on the waiting list for some of them.

Likewise, please let Paul know if you’ve reserved tickets and can’t use them.


Here’s 2019’s line-up

Twentieth Century Lemur Presents….

A Stanley Legobrick Film



‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’ composed by Richard Strauss, arranged and played by Michael J. Fillmore.


Filmed on location and at Plywood Studios.

This is Mission Control…

BCTC confirms we’re fully funded and go for launch in T minus 30 weeks and counting.

Uke-a-Bay Mission Control in the early hours of this morning.

Those lovely people at Bay of Colwyn Town Council have agreed to our funding for 2019. Erik is just about as chuffed as it’s possible to be, while Paul & Lucy are positively cock-a-hoop!

But seriously, folks…

Without the ongoing support of the Mayor and the Town Council, we couldn’t bring you the best free fest in the west (of Wales). Our heartfelt thanks to them all.

The Website is back… ish

Hey there.

We’ve been down for a month and here’s why. Consider it a cautionary tale.

Because of rising costs and distinctly dodgy tech support, we took the decision to move the website hosting. from GoDaddy. It did not go as planned.

The first attempt to move (to HostGator) resulted in the loss of all our old website content because the migration process which should have taken 3 days was not even started for 10 days and GoDaddy had deleted the content at the end of the contract 3 days earlier. HostGator didn’t consider they were at fault for doing bugger all for 10 days and causing, through inaction, the loss of our site. We took a different view: Anyone whose customer service standard is a 10 day response time should be avoided.

Anyway, our site is now back up and being rebuilt, bit by bit.

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