Workshop with Ricmacfeegle

11AM Sunday, August 13th @ Colwyn Bay Town Hall

What is the workshop about?

The workshop covers alternating strumming techniques with a picked ‘bass line’ on the C and high (or low) G strings. We’ll cover:

Getting an alternate string bass line going with your thumb.

Adding a percussive chord between the bass notes

Adding strummed chords between the bass notes

Embellishing the bass line ( Left hand technique)

This workshop is for you if…

You can play G, C and D chords with a good rhythm and you want to move on from basic strumming and develop your right hand technique. Finger picking will be easier to follow, though a plectrum can be used. Standard tuned (GCEA) ukulele of any size with high or low G can be used.

What will you come away with?

The basic technique to practice and develop what you’ve learned along with a hand out containing the exercises with hints and tips plus contact details for follow up questions.

Hear an example of how the technique sounds…

Listen to the chorus of ‘If the Bomb Should Drop Tonight’ for the percussive pattern and the verse for the strumming pattern.

What will the workshop cost?

Ric’s workshop costs £15 per person (with a minimum of £5 going to support Christie Hospital, Manchester).