Jeff Japers has been writing comedy songs for over 20 years. The vehicle for performing them has changed over time. He now has 3 outlets for his songs. His band Gaudy Orde, a stand up routine and a solo ukulele slide show.

‘Jeff Japers Ukulele Fun Time Slide Show’ sees Jeff perform some of his favourite songs whilst triggering slides with a foot pedal. The songs could be described as ‘Anthropomorphic Whimsy’. The show features some songs that are more suited to a solo performance like ‘Purple Fleeces’ and ‘Pandas on Pedalos’

Jeff’s Achievements

In 2007 Jeff won the Risa Worldwide Ukulele Video Competition and is still using the Risa Tenor Ukulele that he won as his main ukulele.

In 2011 Jeff performed his ‘Size Of Wales’ song for an event in the Wales Millenium Centre for the Size Of Wales charity including guests such as the Welsh Assembly First Minister.

In 2016 Jeff performed in the final of the Welsh Unsigned Stand Up Awards at the Glee Club in Cardiff.