Monday, January 23rd 2017 (shortly after tea).

11 ukeleles meet up in a room above The Cherry Tree pub, in Walkinstown, Dublin.
With them they have brought 11 new humans which they had got for Christmas… and, after a short spell of fun and fiddling about, learning how to play their humans, the Ukes decided, “let’s share this fun with the world”… and thus were born “The Walkeleles”.

Since then we have been meeting up every Monday evening pursuing a mutual love of all things Ukelele… ( I must point out, at this point, the humans eventually took over the running of the group… in classic Orwellian style)

Anyhow, after taking in 18 more Uke botherers, an amazing rhythm section, (bass and percussion), we set about learning as many songs as possible and playing them to anyone who would listen. This odd odyssey began with a triumphant debut at, ‘The Ukelele Hooley by the sea’, Ireland’s biggest ukelele festival. Since then we have played all around our city, including our Lord Mayor’s Mansion House…

So now we are spreading our wings and heading out into the great big world, like great musical explorers ( more Dora, than Columbus), and heading to the principality of Wales, specifically the jewel of north Wales that is Colwyn Bay, to share in the love and joy that the Ukelele has given us… and maybe a sweet sherry or two.

We’re right buzzed up for this trip, and can’t wait to meet, and make friends with our nearest neighbours.
See y’all soon

The Walkeleles…!!

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