Back in 2014, about 6 weeks before Uke-a-Bay, Lucy said to Paul, “loads of people want to perform but haven’t joined a band”. The conversation ended with agreement that we should form a group of players.

The band would be called ‘Woteva’. Lucy has two teenage daughters so she knows words and phrases like ‘Woteva’.

Three years later we still play as a group, Church fetes, charity gigs, street festivals, all that kind of stuff. We are aged between 86 (Jean) and 14 (that’s Troy). We represent 5 nationalities; Welsh, English, Dutch, Irish and Senegalese and 6 language groups, 7 if you include Yorkshire Tyke.

One special member of ‘Woteva’ can only play with us occasionally: Clarice Ramsden. She’s the one from Yorkshire. Woteva as a group has no leaders, we choose our songs together and every member gets to play.


Find out more about the band and what they’re up to on facebook.