The music band Gaudy Orde reside in Old South Wales and play original toe-tapping quirky music that is fun and flippant. If you’re looking for a genre then you might try ‘skiffle’ or ‘vaudeville’ although neither of those trousers are a perfect fit. However you decide to describe Gaudy Orde, one thing is certain, they are a thoroughly entertaining live act.

These pictures are from Uke-a-Bay 2016 & 2017:

Glossopian ‘Jeff Japers’ fronts the band with a Ukulele, Kick Box, Sampler and Vocal Chords. Barry Manilow may claim to write the songs but in our case it’s Jeff Japers.

‘Barry Sidings’ plays the Bazouki, Darbuka and other pieces of military hardware including a percussion tree and his own vocal chords.

‘Romany Bob’ plays washboard, specially tuned thimbles, a rare vintage clarinet, vocal chords, mouth organ, shaky egg, wood blocks and a melodica.

‘Helen Spoons’ (who we found in a charity shop in Roath, Cardiff) plays spoons, djembe drum, claves and vocal chords.

We have ‘Tall Joy’ on double bass giving the band a much needed bottom end.

And James Parr on Charango, Pan Pipes and vocal chords, adding a South American Flavour to the mix.


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Here’s a video of them from Theatr Colwyn: