Mike Adcock is an 18 year old eclectic multi-instrumentalist from Ludlow, Shropshire. He has been playing ukulele for 7 years and also plays bass, drums and classical piano. In September he will start his 3 year degree “Popular Music” and “Production” course at the Leeds College of Music, which he is very excited for.


Mike started ukulele at the age of 11, inspired by a local friend who played local gigs and after seeing him numerous times he final convinced his parents to let him buy his first instrument. He has come on a long way since, playing at numerous festivals across the country and has also played at the Ukulele Festival of Prague and did a week-long tour of Greece with Mike Hind from Bermuda and Francesco Albertazzi from Italy back in September 2015. Mike started off playing jazz ukulele, but has picked up elements of different genres along his journey and has developed his own unique, eclectic mix.

You can find Michael on facebook.