You can now buy Uke-a-Bay T-shirts, featuring our chairman, Erik, playing slap uke (a technique he pioneered to compensate for his lack of height or fingers) and the slogan ‘wiv luv from Uke-a-Bay’. These are only available online, not at the events.

Because you lovely people care about the world as much as we do, Erik’s insisted on a supplier who’s carbon neutral. The ink’s vegan-friendly too.

(N.B. XXXL shirts are only available in black, white, sport grey, sky blue, Royal blue and red. Children’s shirts are not available in sky blue.)

£10 each (plus £3.95 P&P per order)

Size :
Colour :

The small print

Delivery is typically 3-5 working days and is a fixed rate of £3.95 per order.

Shirts are printed on demand by Streetshirts (a.k.a. T-S Foundry Limited) and shipped to you directly. Their standard terms and conditions apply. Streetshirts are an accredited Living Wage Employer, have a 100% non-toxic printing process producing no harmful waste and they are carbon-neutral. Uke-a-Bay is happy to support environmentally and socially responsible companies.

We use Paypal as our cash handling portal and can only accept UK orders on this page. If you’re outside the UK, get in touch using our contact form and we’ll sort something out for you.

Colours may vary slightly from those shown because screens vary.

Size information is supplied by Streetshirts.